We officially open for business at 1pm on July 14th!!!


What is FABRIC?

The Fiber Arts Resource and Innovation Center (FABRIC) is a centralized location to learn about and work on fiber and fabric arts and crafts. Whether you’re sewing your 50th corset or just learning to knit, FABRIC is the one stop you need for tools, equipment, books, patterns, and community.

Membership allows you to use all equipment in the library, as well as borrowing privileges.
FOR A LIMITED TIME we are offering a discounted ALL SUMMER PASS that gets you a membership from the Grand Opening until September 30th!

  • Drop-in and work any time we are open for the ENTIRE summer!
  • Access to the resource library any time we are open.
  • Borrow stuff from the library to use at home or on-the-go.
  • And as our first supporters we will be taking your advice on what our first classes should be!

Buy your membership here!

Get your membership – or give a gift membership – today! This is a PERFECT graduation gift for an art school student, or anyone looking to have a space for their craft.

Have a donation?

Help support FABRIC by donating your extra or unwanted accessories, tools, and equipment. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Click here to read more on donating to FABRIC and supporting the fiber arts.

What are fiber arts?

A list of example fiber art disciplines includes, but is not limited to: sewing (which itself includes making costumes/cosplays, quilting, embroidering), knitting, crocheting, tatting, felting, spinning, weaving, and many, many others!


Mission Statement
We seek to preserve fiber arts for the future through educational classes, a fiber arts library, and the promotion of past and current fiber artists.

You can reach us at

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