Example Calendars

Once FABRIC is open, we will have lots of awesome classes offered.

Below is just a tiny sample of the wide array of classes we will offer:

Weaving 101 (6 weeks): complete a warp sampler including plain weave, twill, and double weave structures.
Off loom Weaving (4 weeks): explore weaving onto existing fabric, frames, and more.
Backstrap Weaving (2 day): build your own backstrap loom and learn how to use it.
Dyeing class (6 weeks): learn to dye solid colors, gradients, use fiber reactive and acid dyes to dye plant and animal based fibers.
Shibori Dyeing (1 day): learn basic clamped and stitched and wrapped dyeing techniques to create patterns in cloth
Sewing 101 (2 days): get comfortable with your sewing machine or one of ours, and learn to sew a buttoned pillowcase.
Superhero Cape workshop (2 days): You know what, Edna? Sometimes a superhero needs a cape! Design and sew an original superhero cape.
Drop Spindle workshop (1 day): practice spinning with different weight spindles, and explore color, drafting, and plying threads together.
Creative Mending (3 hours): using embroidery, applique, and patching, mend torn or worn  spots in clothing or textiles in a loving way that celebrates and brings new life to an old object.
Creature Creation (4 weeks): learn to pattern and make a stuffed animal of your own design.
Cosplay workshop: cloaks (2 weeks): make the perfect cloak for your character.
Cosplay workshop: accessories (2 weeks): does your character carry a bag, wear a certain hat, wear distinctive hand or foot coverings, or have other embellishments sewn into their clothing?  Embellish an existing object or make that trademark accessory that your character can’t do without.
Crochet 101 (2 hours): Learn the very basics of crochet, including how to hold your hook and yarn, making chain stitches, starting rows, and single crochet stitches.
Knitting 101 (2 hours): Learn the very basics of knitting, including how to hold your needles, how to cast on, and knit & purl stitches.
Chart Reading class (2 hours): Learn how to read knitting and crochet charts, or bring a chart you’re having trouble with.
Crochet Lace (2 days): Learn advanced crochet stitches and make a lace doily.

Papermaking (4 weeks): Learn both western and eastern styles of papermaking. Also covers the history of papermaking.


Below is an example calendar: