Name our longarm

A fundraiser to build an open source knitting machine

The rules: Three names to choose from, and the name that raises the most wins!

Additionally, all donators will be allowed to submit a name and a link, which will be posted on the knitting machine page under "Brought to you by these fantastic supporters". So even a $1 donation will get you listed in our thanks with a link of your choice* :)

  • donate $10 or more and get a free day pass
  • donate $20 or more and get a free day pass with longarm access
  • donate $50 or more and get both of the above AND a free month pass!

*we reserve the right to refuse to link to content that we deem to be inappropriate.

Click the name you want to vote for and donate!
The winning name will be announced March 31st.

(please note, the "items sold" number can take an hour to update.)