First Year Plans

We welcome any and all constructive feedback.


  • 700-900 sq ft
  • location
    • 1st choice: South Boston
    • 2nd choice: JP
    • 3rd choice: other T accessible location

Tool Library

  • start with small, circulating (items that can leave the library) tools
    • varying sizes, brands, and types of:
      • knitting needles
      • crochet hooks
      • tatting shuttles
      • notions
    • portable looms
    • small/basic sewing machines
    • felting needles and small mats
    • kits with cutting mat, rotary cutter, and quilting ruler
    • ball winder and swifter
  • work on curating larger/more expensive non-circulating tools
    • professional long-arm quilting machine
    • large, free standing looms
    • dress forms
    • complex/embroidery sewing machines
    • sergers

Media Library

We will begin curating a media library of books, videos, magazines, and other formats. This multidisciplinary library will contain both circulating and non-circulating materials for the following:

  • how-to guides
  • patterns
  • fiber art history and historical perspective
  • current information on the fiber art field