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Notice Posted: 7/6/17

Notice of the 7th meeting of Fiber Arts Boston Resource & Innovation Center Board of Trustees

The Board of FABRIC will be meeting at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, July 11th at FABRIC, 38 Wareham St, Boston 02118. (FABRIC’s entrance is off of Malden St., to the left of the glass door that has the building’s address on it. If you’re using a GPS we recommend putting in 105 Malden St to find the parking lot that our door opens out onto.)

Current and prospective members of the FABRIC Board are invited to participate.

Meeting Agenda:

Report/summary from the president.

Old Business

  1. Prices:
    1. cubbies
      1. policies: grace period, what to do with abandoned stuff
    2. reserve table
      1. policies: how many at one time, how many reservations allowed, grace period for lateness
    3. reserve loom
    4. commission rate for selling stuff on the display wall

New Business

  1. Prices for the space to be closed to the public and reserved for private use & for class/teacher use
    1. who approves these requests, who gets “affiliate” prices, how far in advance must it be requested, what to offer members to make up for the lost day.
    2. teachers able to reserve equipment for classes, have a lower price for teachers to reserve equipment for their classes when FABRIC remains open, and they set their own pricing, policies, schedules, etc (our policies still in effect, in addition to any they may set.)
  2. review shopping list for Dye Day and Grand Opening
  3. set “point person” in charge of all details relating to gala
  4. pick a date for gala

Public comment invited.



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