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Notice Posted: 11/26/17

Notice of the 9th meeting of Fiber Arts Boston Resource & Innovation Center Board of Trustees

The Board of FABRIC will be meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 28th at FABRIC, 38 Wareham St, Boston 02118. (FABRIC’s entrance is off of Malden St., to the left of the glass door that has the building’s address on it. If you’re using a GPS we recommend putting in 105 Malden St to find the parking lot that our door opens out onto.)

Current and prospective members of the FABRIC Board are invited to participate.

Meeting Agenda:

Report/summary from the president.

Old Business

  1. Making/approving opening & closing tasks checklist
  2. Day pass booklets
  3. Long-arm – policy details

New Business

  1. Space rearrange
  2. Adding Ngan as Treasurer
  3. Large May outdoor event – ideas & pre-planning
  4. Discussion to change Saturdays & Sundays hours to 12pm – 7pm
  5. Asking staff about “new year, new craft” class volunteers
  6. Discussion about what conventions to attend and/or advertise at

Public comment invited.


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