Addi-Express Knitting Machine

We automated our Addi-Express!

About the Addi-Express:

Even larger knitted items, even more possibilities, even more fun with knitting; The add-Express “Kingsize” model is mounted onto the table and remains securely in position. The machine leaves nothing to be desired. Simply turn the ideally placed handle and the “Kingsize” will begin to turn. With the 46 sturdy pins, you will be knitting trendy scarves and woolly hats within a matter of minutes and you will be knitting smart stolas and jumpers within a few hours. All of the pin have a number so that they can be simply accelerated and decelerated and the electronic row counter enables work to be carried out with precision. Measurements: Circular knitting-35 centimeters, Flat Knitting-45 centimeters (Yarns from 3 to 8 centimeters are possible).


  • Includes: 46 needles, needle holder, decrease needle, 5 replacement needles, 4 basefeet, 2 screw hooks for stable table mounting, digital row counter with memory function.
  • Knitting Properties: suitable for yarn count 4-8, circular knitting: approx. 10 inch to 15 inch diameter, flat knitting: approx. 18 inch wide

The machine at FABRIC is even more advanced! We have 3D printed a part to connect a motor to our knitting machine, so that you can save your arm the pain of cranking it yourself. Make knitted fabric to be used on our sergers to sew anything you can image!