We have various table and floor looms at FABRIC. All types of looms are available for rental for $20/week or $10/week for members!

Currently we are mainly offering 1 on 1 weaving and loom set up lessons.

Intro to Weaving 1 on 1: $45, 1 – 1.5  hour class – Learn to use a four harness loom. Practice plain weave, twill, and double weave structures. Option to consult during class time about an independent project or get suggestions of what some good next projects might be.

Loom Dressing 1 on 1: $95, 4 hours average, may be more or less depending on the project. Learn to make a warp, wind it onto the loom, and thread the heddles and reed. Make sure to bring your own yarn or that we have what you need beforehand.

Floor Looms:

We have 2 floor looms with 4 harnesses available for rental. Our reeds can accommodate weaving widths of 20-24″. Can only be used at FABRIC.

Table looms:

We have 2 table looms available for in house use or take home borrowing. One table loom has 4 harnesses and the other has 2 harnesses. The table looms can accommodate about 14″ weaving width.

Email us or visit to schedule a lesson, for more information, and for equipment availability!